Sunday, February 2, 2014

New Adult novel - Reckless Mind!!

I will be releasing my first New Adult novel, Reckless Mind, in 3 weeks!!! I have been working on this book while working on the follow-up to my YA book series, and have decided to release Reckless Mind first :) Below is the blurb and cover photo for Reckless Mind!!!!

   Kahlen grew up seeing the delusional, dark, and unspeakable acts people did all in the name of love. It caused her to remove her emotions from life years ago because it was the only way for her to survive. Love didn't exist, didn't have a place, not in her life.
    Running from her past, she went away to college. What she didn't expect was for it to shake her world. Everything she believed for so long...don't trust anyone, people always want something from you, and never ever fall in love...all are put to the test. The guards and walls she thought were rock solid, to keep anyone from questioning her past, began to disintegrate right in front of her. She doesn't know if she can trust anyone completely to let them in.
    Having an undeniable pull toward a guy she barely knows, his tortured eyes reflect her dark soul, was not part of the plan. Will she learn to trust and believe in herself more than she ever thought possible...enough to chose a different path than the one she always believed she was destined for?
    Very few things in life she was certain of...her name was Kahlen Jourdan, she was eighteen, her mind was reckless and royally messed up, and she would get her shit together.
    But she would never fall in love.

© Heather Wiginton January 2014

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