Thursday, November 14, 2013

New Against the Light teaser!!!

Here is a new teaser from Against the Light, book 2 in the Blood Secret series. Don't forget to check back on the blog tomorrow because I will be releasing ALL of chapter 2 :)

"Scooping me up, he crashed my body to his, breathing me in. My body and my light reacted to him like a person drowning who finally received a breath of air to keep them alive. Strong hands moved up to my face, and his lips found my own. I was his oxygen and he took me in deep. His tongue glided across my bottom lip and he bit it lightly getting me to open for him. He gently tugged my hair moving my face in such a way that let him consume me."

Wooooo! Getting steamy!!! :D 

© Heather Wiginton November 2013

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